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Alba Masterclass – Intellectual Property American Style

Are you planning to do, or maybe already doing, business in the USA? Would you benefit from tips on why protecting you IP in the USA could give you a competitive advantage? Do you know how American companies go about exploiting their IP for competitive advantage? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions you should register now for this Master Class.

Following a successful visit to the Alba Innovation Centre last year Mark Simpson from Philadelphia based attorneys Saul Ewing, has agreed to return and lead another Master Class. He’d like to focus on practical issues:

  • licensing your IP
  • researching the “freedom to operate”
  • potential value of freedom to operate opinions
  • enforcing your IP against infringers

Mark will not be rushing off afterwards and has kindly offered 30 minute one-to-one sessions with anyone with particular issues that would like to discuss.

REGISTER  for the event

Mark will include a wider discussion devoted to business issues such as selection of a proper entity type, where to establish such an entity, tax considerations, possibly employment issues, etc.

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